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Monday October 24th 2016



Ennis Town Council Distributes Reusable Shopping Bags


Ennis Town Council is making reusable shopping bags available free of charge to members of the public as part of the Local Authority’s ongoing litter awareness campaign.

The Council’s Environmental Wardens will be visiting schools in the coming months and distributing the environmentally friendly bags to students. There will also be a limited number available to the public at the Ennis Town Council offices in Drumbiggle.

Mayor of Ennis Cllr. Peter Considine welcomed the initiative describing it as “another important step toward raising awareness of the importance of keeping Clare’s largest town free of litter.”

The Mayor added: “Through engagement with members of the public on this important issue, Ennis Town Council is seeking to heighten awareness of littering, its causes and its consequences. In the run-up to Christmas with increased numbers of visitors to the town and footfall on the streets, it is important that every measure be taken to promote environmental awareness.”

Cllr. Mary Coote Ryan, who is Ennis Town Council’s representative on the Ennis TidyTowns Committee, commented: “Great strides have been made in this town in changing attitudes towards litter and the environment. We have seen the benefits of this in the town’s success in the annual National TidyTowns competition.”

According to Gerry Murphy, Environmental Awareness Officer, Ennis Town Council: “Staff members from the Council’s Environment section will be distributing free reusable shopping bags to students and other members of the public as part of the Council’s ongoing efforts to promote environmental awareness. The shopping bags will contain information relating to litter awareness, including the Council’s litter line (1800 606 706). This freephone number facilitates reports of littering from the public.”

Mr. Murphy noted that increasing numbers of people throughout Ireland are now using reusable shopping bags rather than plastic bags.

“The 15c plastic bag levy was first introduced in 2002 as a method of reducing the consumption of disposable plastic bags. The legislation had an immediate effect on consumer behaviour with a decrease in plastic bag usage from an estimated 328 bags per capita to 21 bags per capita overnight. Our initiative is aimed at further highlighting the message that reusable bags not only make economic sense but environmental sense also. The bags can clip onto your belt or fit neatly in your pocket or handbag, so you will have it with you at all times reducing the need to buy a disposable bag or alternative.”

A limited number of reusable bags are available from the office of Ennis Town Council at Waterpark House, Drumbiggle.