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Friday October 28th 2016



Shannon Plan To Attract Aviation Business


Clare County Council will launch the first ever stand alone town plan for Shannon at Shannon Airport on Monday, December 10th.

The launch of the Shannon Town and Environs Local Area Plan 2012-2018 coincides with the impending separation of Shannon Airport from the Dublin Airport Authority (DAA).

The new Plan zones for aviation sector use of a 2,000-acre landbank adjacent to the airport, which was originally set out as a key objective of the Clare County Development Plan 2011 – 2017.

Mr. Tom Coughlan, Clare County Manager stated: “This new Plan, which came into effect on 8 October, further underlines the Council’s longstanding vision for the development and expansion of Shannon Airport. The Council is exercising leadership to achieve this vision through the zoning of lands which is a key requirement for the future expansion of services at the airport. In doing so, we have worked very closely with the airport authority and other agencies.”

Mr. Coughlan outlined: “Appropriate potential uses for the Airport Zoned Lands include airport operational activities and uses complementary to the operation of the airport, aircraft maintenance/cargo handling facilities, business park use primarily related to airport servicing, management and maintenance activities, long-term aircraft maintenance, air-freight cargo handling facilities and other innovative initiatives.”

“The Airport must continue to maximise its competitive advantages and must remain innovative and forward thinking. The Shannon Local Area Plan 2012-2018 seeks to ensure the growth and development of Shannon Airport and to harness its full potential, in line with National, Regional and County development policy,” explained Mr. Coughlan.

Mayor of Clare Pat Daly said a prospering Shannon Airport is critical to the future development of the Shannon Freezone, Shannon Town and the wider Mid West Region.

He continued: “Investment by existing aviation businesses and new multinational investment in Shannon is central to the future viability of the airport. I believe that the Council’s vision in zoning this landbank for aviation purposes will position Shannon as a key location for investment when the Airport commences operations as an autonomous entity in the coming months,” he stated.

Meanwhile, Mayor Daly said it was important that every effort be made to retain existing aviation business at the airport in the coming months, during which time Shannon will be granted independence.

Shannon Local Area Plan aims RE: Shannon Airport –
– To encourage and support the achievement of autonomy of Shannon International Airport from the Dublin Airport Authority and the full implementation of the State Airports Act, 2004.
– To support the development of Shannon Airport as an inter-modal international transport hub.
– To prepare, in collaboration with other agencies, a High Level Strategic Plan to identify key priority projects capable of being accommodated at the Shannon Airport lands (also including Shannon Free Zone and Westpark).
– To facilitate the economic development, diversification and expansion of Shannon International Airport to include an International Air Freight Cargo Hub and other innovative initiatives such as a global logistics centre for humanitarian aid.
– To investigate the feasibility of the continuation of the existing Aerospace Road to serve future Airport related development lands north of the existing runway.

Earlier this year, Clare County Council held a series of public consultations in relation to the Draft Shannon Town and Environs Local Area Plan 2012-2018. The Plan will be launched at 2pm on Monday, 10th December, 2012, at Shannon Airport. The December Monthly Meeting of Clare County Council will also be held at Shannon Airport following the launch.